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Theres nothing more grounding and invigorating than a rousing climb to a crystal clear alpine lake, followed by a little exploration, relaxation, (and certainly a picnic), at a pristine mountain paradise at around 11,000. These serene alpine lakes near Denver are something everyone should experience this summerbut please remember our earth is fragile so LEAVE NO TRACE! 1. In the winter, there is no fee, but the road is closed. The main mountain attraction is Lone Eagle Peak, which climbers can also ascend. When you get to the lake you can always take a swim if you are up for it, but expect the water to be really cold! The 8.9-mile out-and-back trail is blazed in beauty. Sprague Lake is one of the most easily accessible alpine lakes in Colorado. Starting at 10,390 elevation and reaching 12,000 this hike has it all. The main attraction while at the lake is the commanding Hallett Peak. There are plenty of hiking opportunities, but taking it easy and simply sitting back or fishing in the lake is the perfect way to slow down, unwind, and just be. . Length: 63 miles. Arizona has many unique hiking opportunities with a wide range of elevation, climate, and views. This ideal backpacking destination is located just minutes from the mountain town of Aspen. Distance: 8.12 milesElevation: 2037 ftType: Out-and-back. You'll take the Continental Falls via the Mohawk Lakes trail to the falls. Editor's Note:Access to some of these lakes can vary due to a number of factors, including time of year. Distance: 6.5 milesElevation: 2,362 feetDifficulty: Moderate to DifficultRed Tape and local tips: Pssst, there are a lot of nearby small lakes and areas to explore here. Distance: 14.94 milesElevation: 2421 ftType: Out-and-back. All photos (263) Lakes at 12,000 feet above sea level may only offer a couple of months of fishing due to the heavy snowfall in Colorado. From hiking around the water to fishing, boating, picnicking, and swimming . As a consequence, by mid-June I Then, continue climbing to blue Lake at the base of Mt. Among the lakes stocked on Monday, the highest of them - Ptarmigan Lake in Gunnison County - sits at 12,306 feet. After turning on to Co. 16 (Tolland Rd.) Miles from Denver: 100 miles. When it comes to alpine lakes, Colorado takes the cake and there is no place on earth like Mirror Lake. There are hiking trails near the lakes with great views of the lakes and surrounding mountains. To get there, follow Spruce Creek Trail to Mohawk Lakes for 8.6 miles of out-and-back beauty. For the ultimate sunrise with majestic mountain peaks as the backdrop, this is just the right adventure. If you push on past the falls, you'll be rewarded with some of the most beautiful alpine lakes near Denver. Youll get glimpses of Longs Peak and Alberta Falls (in the summer). The hike from Ice Lake to Island Lake is about half a mile with 100 foot elevation gain. Not so much an alpine lake hike as it is a recreation hot spot, Wellington Lake is an awesome place to explore earlier in the season before the alpine lakes in Colorado are thawed. It is nestled between the towns of Ridgway and Telluride. Twin Lakes is located at the foot of the highest mountain in the entire Rocky Mountain Range along the continental divide and is also Colorados largest natural glacier lake. What I love about this Colorado lake hike is just how quiet it is. RELATED: Views are stunning and fish . Another long-distance doozy, the Twin Crater Lakes hike is well-worth a backpack, unless you have hiking superpowers, in which case, it technically can be done in a day. Travel over the off-road driving trail (either on foot or by 44) and reach the Alta Ghost Town. Bloods Lake and Lackawaxen Trail. Like the name suggests, youll be in awe of the color of the deep blue waters. We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Camping is prohibited within a quarter of a mile to protect its fragile environment. Distance: 10.6 milesElevation: 2,578 feetDifficulty: ModerateRed Tape and Local Tips: To get to this trailhead youll want a high-clearance vehicle. The hike from Bear Lake Trailhead is 3.6 miles round trip with about 740 ft elevation gain. The 14.3-mile out-and-back trail features double the wonders Mirror Lake and Crater Lake. Distance: 4.51 milesElevation: 1090 ftType: Out-and-back. You'll take the Continental Falls via the Mohawk Lakes trail to the falls. No dogs. Check with the Castle Mountain Recreation Company for more up-to-date information. If you are looking for something a little easier to get to, try James Peak Wilderness. As one of the best lake hikes in Colorado, this strenuous 12-plus mile hike is best done in two days. Mohawk Lakes offer plenty of picture-perfect backcountry camping or opportunities to summit nearby mountains, such as Father Dyer. Independence Pass is also located nearby for scenic travelers. Table of Contents hide 1 Shadow Mountain Lake 2 Green Mountain Reservoir 3 Dream Lake 4 Two Rivers Lake 5 Crater Lake 6 Grand Lake 7 Lake Granby 8 Piney Lake 9 Sylvan Lake State Park 10 Twin Lakes 11 Lake Dillon 12 Blue Mesa Reservoir 13 Chatfield State Park Trek your way through stunning alpine country to one of the most picturesque lakes in the state Hanging Lake. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 3 h 42 min to complete. Does Sky Pond sound too intense? To see views of Lower Blue Lake from above you need to continue hiking up the steep Blue Lakes Trial towards Middle Blue Lake. After seeing Island Lake continue ahead and take a right to form a small loop. Water activities including fishing and kayaking are great ways to spend time exploring the area, especially if you plan to stay and camp. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It connects the towns of Silverton and Ouray with Lake City, where it is generally considered to begin (and end). Maybird Lakes : Maybird Gulch is a rugged piece of the Lone Peak Wilderness in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Keep it Clean. Take a Scenic Drive Through Rocky Mountain National Park Since its such an iconic spot, you likely wont find yourself alone, unless you plan wisely and go early in the season, late in the evening, or during the winter. Reservations are no longer required until summer 2023. ppmicrosoftteams-image_24.png Enjoy Pikes Peak at your leisure on the safe, scenic Pikes Peak Highway. Overview. The wildflower lined trail is short and beautiful, clocking in at 2.1 miles round trip. It's a roughly 12-mile trek that leads to Upper Cataract Lake below the famed Eagles Nest Mountain looming at an impressive 13,432,' then continues on to Cat Lake and ultimately to Mirror Lake, which lies at 11,020.' Photo Credit: MBPROJEKT_Maciej_Bledowski (iStock). Along the byway, you can travel through various scenery changes: start in a desert canyon and pass aspen foothills, lakes, alpine forests, lily ponds, and meadows bursting with wildflowers as you make your way to the top. The fastest way to get to this beautiful lake in the rocky mountains is to hike from Glacier Gorge Trailhead 5.4 miles round trip with 1,070 ft elevation gain. Bierstadt Lake is a Rocky Mountain National Park gem. Access: Transit to Trails is a great option for these hikes! Island Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Colorado, located at 12,400 feet. This helps you beat those pesky thunderstorms and stay safe. If youre looking for short, sweet, and steep with incredible views, Windsor Lake near Leadville is an awesome choice. Tell someone about your plans. In the Fall, the Aspen grove comes alive with color, making for an especially memorable experience. Be cautious, however, as thunderstorms are quite common in the summertime. While "alpine" is used by many anglers to describe the high elevation fisheries they visit that are inaccessible for of the year and may require a difficult drive and/or hike to access, not all high elevation fisheries are truly "alpine". Granite spires surrounding the lake, one referred to as sharks tooth. There are also two 13,000-foot peaks nearby, Taylor and Powell. You'll take the Mitchell Lake Trail, crossing Mitchell Creek and passing Mitchell Lake along the way. Throughout the years Ive hiked well over 1,000 miles of terrain here in Colorado. The Alpine Lakes is the largest wilderness area . The hike to lower blue lake is 6 miles round trip with 1,610 ft elevation gain. Are there any waterfalls I can visit near Denver? Set a check-in time and have that person try to check in with you first, before calling authorities (just in case you forget to circle back). Many of Colorado's high lakes are found in roadless or wilderness areas. But if climbing a fourteener is not your bag, there's also a trail that leads to the jaw-dropping and some of the. Start from the Bear Lake parking lot and hike the gentle trail towards Lake Haiyaha, passing through the alluring Emerald Lake. Cherry Creek Reservoir. It's demandingthe two 12,000-foot passes (Cinnamon and Engineer) require a high-clearance four-wheel-drive vehicle but the well-prepared motorist reaps . 5h 16m. Follow the signs to the Pikes Peak Highway entry gate. Both lakes are stunning, a gasping traverse through the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Most of Colorado's 2,000 high lakes lie on public lands between 9,000 and 12,000 feet and are accessible by a few miles of Forest Service trail. Huskies also thrive in Colorado - alpine lakes, cross . The best time to visit lakes in Colorado is between May and October when there is no snow so they are easier to get to. all along the way to the 14,115 foot summit of America's most . Since the trail to get to Ice Lake is steep and long you should make sure to wear hiking boots. Get going on this adventure to the three beautiful Blue Lakes nestled among Colorados San Juan Range in the Uncompahgre National Forest. You have permission to edit this collection. Error! Located in Rocky Mountain National Park, the trail to access starts off at the Glacier Gorge trailhead. Discover the alpine beauty of Mirror Lake. Blue lake sits at 11,355 feet and is frozen for much of the year. Make it a day by going on one of Colorados most scenic drives! To make this a longer adventure, you can keep the fun going all the way to Bear Lake. 1. If you push on past the falls, you'll be rewarded with some of the most beautiful alpine lakes near Denver. The scenery is beautiful throughout and provides many opportunities for continued exploration while at the top! This rather large lake is surrounded by pines with a dramatic mountain background. Columbine Lake Trail #509 in San Juan National Forest is a difficult and steep trail with 16 discernible switchbacks but it's worth the effort. Its also home to some of the best fall hikes in Colorado. Ice Lake Trailhead is located 7 miles west of Silverton. This moderate trail evokes a classic Colorado Rocky Mountain charm. However, dont be fooled by the easy accessibility. This short 6.5-mile round-trip trail boasts picturesque alpine lakes and stunning views of Pfeifferhorn. The video showcases the beauty of Colorado's high country. Her mission is to get you out on your greatest adventure. If you are up for the challenge Island Lake is worth the visit! Dream Lake is a vision right out of a fairy tale in the early morning hours. It makes sense to combine the visit to Island Lake with Ice Lake, as Ice Lake is about 0.5 miles away. Continue for several more miles until reaching the base of The Spearhead, a famous mountaineering objective. The parking lot can get crowded, so plan accordingly. Throughout the year, Never Summer Nordic rents two yurts en route to Jewel Lake in State Forest State Park. Distance: Depends. To get to Island Lake, hike on Ice Lake Trail and after visiting Ice Lake, take a left on the trail to continue up to Island Lake. Up for a challenge? This is one of the most iconic adventures in Colorado and for good reason! There is plenty of fishing, swimming, camping, and even small, easy hiking trails that provide plenty of family fun. Filled with crystal-clear water and surrounded by mind-blowing settings, these backcountry bodies of water are meant to be enjoyed. The drive from Crested Butte to Paonia passes West Beckwith Mountain, the best spot in the state to view foliage. Extend your time at this magnificent spot and camp at one of the campsites found around both lakes. Don't knowingly lie about anyone Distance: 3 milesElevation: 1,135 feetDifficulty: ModerateRed Tape and Local Tips: If you want a fighting chance at a less-crowded experience, go for sunrise. In reality, you can make your way to an alpine lake any time of the year. Most of these lakes are accessible by foot only, although you can also drive to quite a few of them. You must typically access these lake by hiking a few miles or by horseback. Dream Lake is a high alpine lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, located east of the continental divide in northern Colorado. This moderate hike is a great way to get the beautiful scenery of alpine lakes in Colorado without the lung-busting elevation gain. Resting at an elevation of 9,450 feet, it may come as a surprise that this scenic lake is located just 250 feet from the parking lot. This lake is known for the reflection you can see in the lake of 14,000 ft tall Maroon Peaks. In fact, alpine lakes in Colorado are so famous, nearly every mountain hike passes a pristine lake nestled in the mountains. Pass by the popular Alberta Falls, but keep trekking to leave the crowds behind and find yourself in complete solitude in this vast and unbelievably beautiful wilderness. The trail is short and packed with beauty, about 2-miles out-and-back. Alpine Loop drive takes 4-6 hours to cover the distance between Ouray, Lake City, and Silverton. Cutthroats were originally named by William Clark on the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery Expedition. Wander the lake at sunrise for incredible views. Parking is $5 at the Summit Lake parking lot. Catch dramatic views of the Sharkstooth and Taylor Peak. Although its hard to go wrong, heres a look at the best alpine lake hikes in Colorado for any ability level. Famous for its year-round snow, the base of St Mary's Glacier, is one of the most accessible alpine lakes in Colorado. Note that this hike does require permits, so be sure to reserve yours in advance to enjoy this fun summertime waterfall adventure! Whether you make a day hike or weekend of it, these hidden, Tucked away at the intersection of two valleys in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, is the popular Brainard Lake Recreation Area, with its namesake lake resting at 10,500.' But what if I told you we havent been given access to over half of whats really out there? Camping here is sure to be an awe-filled experience. Distance: Varies, hikes on the property are short, its three miles to loop the lakeElevation: nothing notable.Difficulty: EasyRed Tape and Local Tips: This is a great family-friendly spot, however, there are day fees and other camping fees to use the area. Bear Lake is a short walk from Bear Lake Trailhead and you can add a 0.6 mile loop around the lake to enjoy it more. Distance: 4.4 miles in summer, 11 miles in winterElevation: 448 in summer, 1,030 in winterDifficulty: Easy (moderate in winter)Red Tape and Local Tips: The Brainard Lake Recreation Area requires a fee for day use. Distance: 5.4 milesElevation: 1,072 feetDifficulty: ModerateRed Tape and Local Tips: No dogs allowed. The breathtaking clear blue American Lake is located in Aspen, Colorado. The Lake Haiyaha hike is accessible year-round and a great option for beginners or those looking for a gentle day and one of the best winter hikes in Colorado. Lake Isabelle. However, in the winter months, some of the roads to various trailheads arent maintained, and this may add a substantial amount of snowy hiking to your journey. Accessibility from North Cascades Highway makes it an excellent stop on a road trip through the area. Many of the most beautiful lakes in Colorado are alpine lakes with clear blue water. In the spring and early summer you can enjoy wildflowers on the hikes, and in the fall you get to see the Aspens fall foliage. The hike gains more than 3,000 feet of elevation, so be prepared for a strenuous climb coached with incredible views to keep you distracted. Related: Visit Rocky Mountain National Park Like a Local. Distance: 1.9 milesElevation: 160 feetDifficulty: EasyRed Tape and Local Tips: Maroon Lake is worth a visit year-round, including in the (much quieter) winter months. Alpine Lakes Offer an Alternative to Crowded Fishing. If you choose to visit any one of these destinations, please remember to recreate responsibly, stay on the trail, and pack out all trash. Famous for its year-round snow, the base of St Marys Glacier, is one of the most accessible alpine lakes in Colorado. Distance: 8.1 milesElevation: 3,093 feetDifficulty: DifficultRed Tape and Local Tips: This is a well-known spot. Nestled in Roosevelt National Forest, you can set foot on this adventure to three alpine lakes and a lagoon with the opportunity to pass by splendid waterfalls and wildflowers. Hike to the base of several Colorado 14ers at South Colony Lakes and enjoy one of the best hikes in Colorado.