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These keyboards use ROCCAT's proprietary Titan II Optical switches. Those drivers are a little bigger than the 40mm drivers in the Arctis 1 Wireless, which has the . These keyboards use ROCCAT's Swarm software. The Bottom Line. You can export your profiles when you go to the profile manager. Together, they make the Vulcan Pro virtually indestructible. Roccat equips the Elo 7.1 Air with 50mm neodymium drivers with a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz. Swarm software needs an update. While you also have a dedicated manager, the profiles you see vary from device to device. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a modern web browser. It's available withlinear, tactile, or clicky Razer mechanical switches. Your subscription has been confirmed. Accessing it can be equally clumsy, though. Starting PUBG, the lighting even changes but when I press the buttons I still have the desktop profile running. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. And anyone who does use Easy-Shift[+] will wonder why half their keys aren't functioning properly. Roccat Pyro (Black) at Best Buy for $79.99. The ROCCAT Vulcan II Max and ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini are wired mechanical keyboards designed for gaming. The Vulcan Pro has slightly lower latency, but both keyboards are more than suitable for competitive-level gaming in any genre. Roccat keyboards and profiles. Privacy Policy. You can see more details about the differences between these variants in the table below. We bought and tested the ROCCAT Vulcan 2 Max, which is the full-size version, but there's also a smaller-size version available called the ROCCAT Vulcan 2 Mini. The rubber-dome design has a considerable spring you can feel, but thatll likely wear down as the dome material loses its rigidity over time through wear and tear. As part of our circle of trust, youll be the first to know of upcoming events, giveaways, new products and the latest ROCCAT news, as well as special offers only available online at The software helps to keep your drivers up to date and enables you to restore a device's firmware should something misbehave at some point. The full-size Vulcan 2 Max has 24 'Smart Keys,' and the smaller Vulcan 2 Mini has 30. Completely useless app that doesn't function. On a more positive note, these keyboards have good build quality overall and dedicated media keys. i'll certainly check this out, thanks. Announces DPI settings, profile selection, volume, sensitivity settings and more. ROCCAT opens R&D office in China and Asian market. July 16, 2019 - MR Wyte77 | 0 Comments. Similar to the software options from other major manufacturers, ROCCAT's Swarm software receives criticism from the broader community. Anodised aluminium shell with a low-profile design ; Compatible with Roccat Swarm software ; 1000Hz polling rate ; The Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro is immediately striking for a number of different . I just got a Nyth to replace my old Logitech G600 but I can't seem to figure out how to configure Swarm to switch game profiles when launching a game. Also, the keycaps are made of lower-quality ABS plastic that tends to develop a shiny finish and get slippery over time. Press J to jump to the feed. Given its entry-level price, the Roccat Magma Mini makes for a good small starter keyboard. 3g The full-size Vulcan 2 Max unit includes a translucent wrist rest for added comfort, but the smaller compact (65%) variant doesn't include a wrist rest. (optional) Give each profile a unique color. You just need to get them to upload it somewhere first ;) . All available switch options are light to actuate and have low pre-travel. A 3d animation showing the bottom switch to toggle between 2.4Ghz and Bluetooth wireless. started last night. Hmm i tried this when i first got the leadr and it worked. You will receive an email with your 10% off code shortly. For Kova, I found this folder I did everything you said already, not working. I want to know if i can create a custom RGB Profile with the swarm software and then uninstall it / dont start it, with the ilumination profile still being saved on the mouse. With a host of convenient features, the Swarm app transforms your smartphone into a powerful tool that lets you get the most out of your device.-----PLEASE NOTE:-----The ROCCAT Swarm app is not a standalone piece of software. Since the Roccat Kone Pro offers up to five profile settings in its on-board memory, you're better off using the Roccat Swarm app even if turning the mouse over and pressing the profile button . When clicking on the Recovery Tool, a new window with instructions pops up. Unlike corsair, where the effects just work barebones without icue. For example, on the Roccat Mini, you can hold down the function key and press the left Shift key to lock the arrow keys to their corresponding inputs. Both keyboards are available in either black or white colorways. Exporting and importing macros and profiles. Thanks for subscribing! It has good ergonomics and the typing experience feels great, but it may take some time to get used to the keycaps' shape, and the low pre-travel may cause an increase in typos. The Roccat Magma Mini enters the arena of 60 percent keyboards with all the features youd expect from a gaming model (RGB lighting, configurable key combos and macros) while keeping to a relatively tight footprint. RGB lighting often suffers from limited functionality or predictable, boring effects. They also have full RGB backlighting, meaning the keys are easy to see in a darker room. Press J to jump to the feed. and our Please remove the preorder item from your cart to continue to checkout. Some of the preset shortcut commands might take some getting used to, but at $49.99, it's also one of the cheapest gateways to the world of minimalist keyboards. The Linear Red switches on the ROCCAT Vulcan II Max keyboard we bought only require light force to actuate and have a short pre-travel, making them feel responsive and well-suited for reaction-based gaming. and our Its a connected, organic lighting experience. Welcome to my "How to Import Custom/Downloaded Profiles into Roccat's Power-Grid"Subscribe: With the rest of the RGB effects on the baseplate, it's hard to tell what's on and off, especially when the lighter colors are on. You just need to get them to upload it somewhere first ;), But is there no forum where you can directly download? Go keyboard shopping, and you'll see no shortage of enthusiast gaming boards on the market, with seemingly endless options to fit every aesthetic need. Sign up and be the first to know about new products, deals and events. You first need to access the keyboard's Game Mode by holding the Function key and pressing the G key. Roccat, now the PC gaming branch of headset developer Turtle Beach, is making its esports play. As a touch typist, I found it difficult to use without the included palm rest to elevate . Unfortunately, the ABS keycaps feel a bit cheap, and the frame is a bit more flexible compared to some similarly-priced options. Hopefully I can use swarm to customise as I want pretty easily. Any changes made to button configurations . You may find this software frustrating to work with if you prefer more lightweight software options or no software at all. To better and more quickly identify what program (s) a profile is created for, you can give it an individual name. MSRP $79.99. Follow the instructions closely and . Thanks for reading this if you do. Order yours with free delivery today. These keyboards have a variety of extra features, many of which are fairly standard on gaming keyboards at this price point, including the ability to program secondary shift functions to your keys, on-the-fly macro creation, full key NKRO and anti-ghosting, and onboard storage for your custom profiles. Set as desktop profile. Considering the amount of functionality lost if you miss downloading Swarm, its a shame Roccat didnt include a separate flyer in the box or add a more prominent mention of the software somewhere else. I'll try and be actve on the Artemis/Aurora forums to poll for Roccat support. You can also program macros to any key, and the low-profile keycaps do a good job of showcasing the RGB lighting, which is fully customizable on a per-key basis. You will receive an email with your 10% off code shortly. I seen libraries that can be downloaded per game for Razer and Logitech, and then found Aurora that provides this for most manufacturers except Roccat, I've recently went from all Logitech, to all razer, to all Roccat peripherals and I can say Roccat despite not having the best customization software.they are fantastic products except their syn pro headset everything else is definitely worth it but if you're looking for specific game presets and custom lighting..then go for Razer or personally Roccat has been perfect with their AIMO software, So I went for it, Roccat Suora FX RGB on its way. However the customisation is putting me off. I created a bunch and I have not found any where online to share or discuss. These keyboards use proprietary ROCCAT TITAN II Optical switches, which feel light to press and have short actuation distances, which are well-suited for gaming in any genre. Theyre different keyboards in terms of size, of course, and Roccat made a few positive improvements overall with the Mini. ROCCAT launches Swarm - the comprehensive peripheral management and customisation software. We didn't experience any issues with the software during testing; however, many users online criticize this software for requiring frequent updates, taking up disproportionate system resources, and a host of other complaints. Cut down the keys, amp up the RGB on the cheap. Its heaviness and lack of unlimited game profiles detract, but the Kone AIMO's physical design, PixArt sensor, and Easy-Shift programmability help it shine. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Ensure that you have the auto-switch ticked on the profile. Detachable palm rest with ergonomic design for long . Yes. Problem was that it was on launch only. Then navigate to the Update Center section and find the device you want to restore. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. 2016 . Please consider to update the app again and keep it running Roccat. It's the next-gen system that works as a unified driver . MSRP . I have the AIMO. I alt tab a lot so as soon as i alt tabbed to my desktop it'd switch to that but not again when i tabbed back to the game. The ROCCAT Vulcan II keyboards are inadequate for entertainment and home theatre PC setups. At first glance, it's not really germane to compare the Roccat Magma Mini with the full-size Magma, which is a different class of board and suffers from its own issues. All Specs. These keyboards have outstanding latency that's more than capable of delivering a responsive-feeling experience in all game genres for casual or competitive play. These keyboards have higher-quality keycaps and better build quality overall. I have tried games/launchers and even calculator since its fast to open. Roccat's Swarm software enables you to remap keys, set up profiles for different games, and use macros, though sadly there's no MacOS support. Useless for me, and is a lot worse than expected. Connects fine but monitoring doesn't work at all. You will receive an email with your 10% off code shortly. But considering the entry-level price of this keyboard, the utility could be a little more intuitive for new users. I'm at a bit of a loss every time I press '2' on my keyboard it opens the browser does a crtl f and then types '-679/' in the browser but puts '2' in the ctrl f search bar. I'm tried resetting the keyboard several times with no luck. I upgraded Swarm, HAD TO REDO ALL MY PROFILES SINCE THE UPDATE DELETED THEM (sorry for caps), tried starting as admin, replugged the mouse whatever I do it doesn't workHave Swarm open, click the PUBG profile, even switch it as my standard Desktop profile nope. General Swarm Settings General settings include automatically starting Swarm when Windows boots up, checking for updates and downloading them automatically and notifying the user that a new update can be installed. Any help? Giveaways, gaming gear, our discord channel and more: You are already subscribed to our newsletter. While the software itself gives many options to customize one's experience with ROCCAT products, profiles offer flexibility and the option of a certain flow, depending on what the user is doing. The ROCCAT Vulcan TKL is an excellent mechanical TenKeyLess gaming keyboard. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Swarm also lets you select lighting effects or create your own, with the option to add sound feedback to the keys if you decide that they're too quiet. I tested both my standard Acer Nitro 5 keyboard and the Roccat Pyro. Add game to profile. For anyone who's serious about converting and can spend the extra money, we still recommend the Fnatic Streak65 Gaming Keyboard. Plus, new members receive10% OFFtheir first order on ROCCAT! is a leading authority on technology, delivering lab-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Developers can show information here about how their app collects and uses your data. The flat profile of the keys may take some time . LONG-LASTING DURABILITY. Make one profile for desktop. The whole keyboard measures 1.4 by 12.1 by 5.2 inches (HWD) including the baseplate, which juts about an inch toward you from the trailing edge of the space bar. The ROCCAT Swarm software is only available on Windows and allows you to customize the backlighting and set macros. Roccat Swarm Profiles, Macros Sharing and Tips. So far, that's mostly . Specific keys have an additional dedicated LED to indicate when secondary functions are active, and you can customize the lighting on a per-key basis and synchronize it with other ROCCAT peripherals. Improved anti-ghosting ensures every key stroke is registered. The ROCCAT Horde is a membranical Gaming Keyboard with customizable blue ROCCAT lighting. It's slow for me too. The ROCCAT Vulcan II and the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro are mechanical gaming keyboards with comparable gaming performance. 2010. The ROCCAT Swarm app is the perfect companion for your ROCCAT hardware. All alphanumeric keys feel stable, with very little wobble, and the keys are well-spaced. Cookie Notice The full-size Vulcan II Max comes with a translucent silicone wrist rest that has a smooth matte finish and provides good support. The software has a beautiful GUI with plenty of space for four personal profiles, but setting up new macro commands . The following items were out of stock and removed from your cart. The zones are set by default to react to your key presses, but the lighting behavior can be changed through software, as we'll discuss below. Overall, these keyboards have good build quality, and the typing noise is relatively quiet with the linear red switches on the unit we bought and tested. The Corsair is available with Cherry MX Speed or OPX optical switches. Swarm is the driver software designed for many ROCCAT devices and not only bears the proper drivers for Windows, it also enables you to customize your experience in many ways. VIEW ALL (1) RECENT ANNOUNCEMENTS. The top plate is made of aluminum, but the rest of the keyboard's chassis is plastic. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. While these keyboards are fairly stiff overall, the unit we bought and tested needed to be flexed and straightened out slightly before it would sit flat on our desk during testing. At 3.6 ounces, the Kone XP weighs less than its 4.5-ounce predecessor. At around $50, the Roccat Magma Mini might seem like an attractive value for a 60 percent keyboard, but diehards will find the customization options lacking and the space saved underwhelming. AIMO compatible gaming peripherals take advantage of our lighting engine, adapting to your play the more you use them and evolving over time. The ROCCAT Vulcan 2 Max has a thick braided cable with two USB-A connectors to ensure the keyboard has enough power for its RGB lighting. Sign up for Lab Report to get the latest reviews and top product advice delivered right to your inbox. PROFILE NAME. Click CONTINUE to add this item to your cart and remove all other items currently in your cart, or CANCEL to keep your current cart. It's easy to see the appeal of a 60 percent keyboard. For more details about the differences between each version, see the Differences Between Variants section below. Keep an eye on your inbox! This wrist rest can also be removed if you prefer. *** IMPORTANT! Can't get any of them to work on the LEADR also. Simply click into the name field and type in whichever name you like. Per default profiles will be called "Default#". Roccat Swarm Profiles, Macros Sharing and Tips. . As its name suggests, the Magma Mini is the smaller version of the Roccat Magma we reviewed in 2021. First, open the Swarm settings. Ive seen this on multiple other keyboards. Thanks, it's a shame as the hardware looks great but the lack of support means I'll be buying elsewhere. I can't find any macros that have been made to make it do this. Enter your email to register to receive a notification when this item comes back in stock. Since I am a self proclaimed Roccat fan, a few people asked me to do a tutorial for Roccat SWARM software, so here it is.If you have specific questions, fe. I have to have it end with .rkp. The ROCCAT Swarm app is the perfect companion for your ROCCAT hardware. Exporting and importing profiles is different than exporting or importing macros. what i was referring to was creating colour schemes for the . I have put in a ticket to roccat as well. Once available again, you will be the first to know! ROCCAT products with synched AIMO illumination across multiple devices. The ROCCAT Vulcan II keyboards are good for office work, though they aren't designed specifically for this use. Unfortunately, while the build quality is good overall, the frame exhibits more flexibility than many similarly-priced models. When you plan on reinstalling Swarm, cleaning up your system by reinstalling Windows, recovering your device's firmware or you simply want to share your profiles and macros with friends or between PCs, you will have to export your macros and profiles first to import them again later. It's really sad actually, one year has passed since the last update and I can connect the apps but the monitoring doesn't work and the app is lagging. The unit we tested has ROCCAT Titan Tactile switches that feel light, responsive, and offer . Only five stored profiles. should add this is for hoard keyboard, kone mouse's settings work fine, just prefer my profile switching to be on the keyboard since i won't use it as much as the more instant utility of the mouse, I havent used the roccatt gear in a while but I dont think you can switch profiles fir the mouse on the keyboard, yeah i brought roccat stuff to replace my bugged out corsair rig and honestly regretting that decision, swarm is so damn limited compared to icue lol. Has 24 multi-function 'Smart Keys' with dual LED lights, Has 30 multi-function 'Smart Keys' with dual LED lights. These keyboards use ROCCAT TITAN II OPTICAL switches and have full RGB lighting backlighting for each key. Additionally, The full-size version also has a set of LED lights on the keyboard's front edge that are diffused through the transparent silicone wrist rest, while the smaller version does not have this set of LEDs. The layout is an absolute shambles. Starting PUBG, the lighting even changes but when I press the buttons I still have the desktop profile running. True, for a while the world of the truncated keyboard was limited to high-end, enthusiast-priced models, but Roccat has made a keyboard that fits that aesthetic at a more palatable entry-level price. Export your settings to save them, it's much safer and fool-proof.-More info: https://www.roccat.comVisit These keyboards have good ergonomics. The ROCCAT Vulcan II and the ROCCAT Vulcan Pro are wired gaming keyboards with low-profile keycaps. The software also enables you to assign settings to five profiles that you can swap among. . It also features switch durability that lasts for 100 million keystrokes - twice the industry standard - thanks to the contactless Titan Switch Optical. The Kone XP is just slightly thinner too, trimming 0.4 inch from its waistline to measure at just 1.5 by 2.9 by 4.9 inches . Is it possible to download other peoples custom lightning? It has an ergonomic profile, with an elevated palm rest, textured grips on either side and a small, protruding thumb . Additionally, these keyboards feature what ROCCAT calls 'Smart Keys', which are select keys outfitted with dual LED lights that show when secondary functions are active. Plus, new members receive 10% OFF their first order on ROCCAT! Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. That said, ROCCAT also advertises that you can replace the stock set of keycaps with any standard MX-style third-party keycaps if you prefer. I've spent a week looking at mechanical keyboards, and almost purchased a Roccat Suora FX RGB. ROCCAT SWARM Swarm covers you for all relevant gaming platforms and devices. It has a solid plastic body, a sturdy-feeling brushed metal backplate, and flat profile keycaps with exposed, transparent switch housings that showcase the RGB backlighting. It is. Why would you devote so much space on your desk to a keyboard when smaller options exist? The keys on the Mini feel better than those on the bigger Magma, for instance, and the layout had to change a bit to accommodate a smaller form factor. ***01:46 - Where exports are saved02:14 - How2 import if you mess up02:30 - More than 1 profile if you want02:43 - How to auto-launch a profile to a program03:21 - Profile Manager03:37 - Macro Manager (with examples)04:16 - ConclusionIf you're not familiar with AIMO lighting, check out a quick demo here: find the Profile Manager tab (shown at 03:21) to be buggy \u0026 redundant. Due to the firmer build, typing may be more difficult at first. Its a shame, as the keyboard looks great for the price. For more options, see our recommendations for the best mechanical keyboards, the best gaming keyboards, and the best RGB keyboards. Thanks for subscribing! To export a profile, make sure the device is selected that the profile you want to export is for. Membranical keys with precise midway travel actuation point. Roccat has just attempted a similar marketing strategy with the Isku+ Force FX ($99.99 MSRP), but has introduced . Well, more specifically, is there a profile for PUBG that I can grab? The original Magmas clumsily named Easy-Shift[+] feature, which allows users to engage a second set of more complicated key combos and macros for games, makes an appearance here on the Mini, too. 1996-2023 Ziff Davis, LLC., a Ziff Davis company. The translucent shell sets the stage for the Kone XPs 22 LEDs and 8 light guides, creating an unprecedented deep and immersive lighting experience. It has higher-quality PBT keycaps and feels considerably sturdier overall. Pre-Order purchases cannot be combined with another purchase, including other products on pre-order. The low-profile keycaps are of decent quality, but they're made of lower-quality ABS plastic, which is prone to developing a shiny finish and getting slippery over time. Also, it might be that Fortnite doesn't use that executive, so start the game and then setup the profile from the running programs list. For more information, please see our Im planning to buy a Kone AIMO Remastered. If you go into your vulcan tab @swarm, go to configuration and at the bottom left youll find presets - I found a PUBG profile there (also under C:\Users\ YourName \AppData\Roaming\ROCCAT\SWARM\preset_macro) premade macros sound interesting. These keyboards also have additional unique features, including the ability to apply sounds, like typewriter or sci-fi laser sounds, when you actuate keys. App itself is pretty bad, super laggy and terrible GUI design. Please feel free to discuss and tips and or Share any of your Game Profiles and Macros that you have created for Roccat Swarm. SWARM software customizes Roccat gaming keyboards, mice and headsets. Are you just looking to have buttons with different colours for the games? Welcome to the Roccat Swarm Game Profile and Macro Sharing Group. The full-size Vulcan II Max version has 24 'Smart Keys' while the smaller Mini version has 30. Example: In common shooter games key "R" triggers the function "reloading". Understanding profiles and the profile manager. Vulcan 120 AIMO is priced at $159.99. No per-key lighting. On the other hand, the Razer is a wireless model that feels sturdier overall. Hey you might be able to help me. Uniquely, these keyboards also have a set of keys that ROCCAT refers to as 'Smart Keys.' The two boards share a visual design, and, alas, the lackluster software remains the same. The keyboard has 61 keys mounted atop the RGB baseplate, which is illuminated by 10 LEDs. At ROCCAT, we're passionate bout developing premium gaming hardware that makes you play better. For a user who isn't planning to configure the keyboard out of its default state, all of these modes can get confusing fast. 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I started this discussion to discuss and share Roccat Swarm Game Profiles, Macros, Configs for Keyboard and mouse Game setups. Thanks if you can. Any ideas? Downloaded the app to my phone and got it connected to swarm software on my pc. These keyboards use ROCCAT's Swarm software. Is it possible to download other peoples custom lightning? These keyboards have good build quality overall construction and an aluminum top plate. Click on one . The smaller-sized Vulcan 2 Mini does not include a wrist rest. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Note that the smaller version of this keyboard is only available with the Red switch option. The full-size variant of this keyboard is also available with tactile Brown Titan II optical switches, which the manufacturer advertises to have a similar operating force and pre-travel values. . On the other hand, the SteelSeries boards are available in a TKL (80%) or Compact 60% form factors and use OptiPoint optical switches. Mostly because of that baseplate, it's rather large for a 60 percent board; contrast its dimensions with the Happy Hacking Professional Hybrid's footprint, measuring 11.6 by 4.7 inches, and the Corsair K70's at a similar 11.6 by 4.3 inches. This software provides many customization options, including creating custom profiles, recording macros, adjusting RGB lighting effects, and programming secondary shift functions. 22761 Hamburg The keyboard lacks onboard profile storage, though, so youd need to swap among profiles via the software. Its newest peripheral, the $59.99 Burst Pro, has all the hallmarks of an esports . The Razer has marginally lower latency, but both keyboards deliver exceptional gaming performance suitable for gaming in any genre at any competitive level.