[560] In 1974, he married his first wife, Jane Chapman, a fellow Labour Councillor for Haringey and now a professor at the University of Lincoln. The couple welcomed three sons during their 12 year marriage. There were also Westminster by-elections in two Labour safe seats, which Labour retained: Ogmore and Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough. [220], Earlier in the year, Corbyn had become the first opposition party leader since 1982 to lose a by-election to an incumbent government,[221] and at the time May called the election Labour trailed the Conservative Party by up to 25 points in some opinion polls. He has tried to disguise his homes ugly Sixties faade with climbing roses and wisteria, and a mixed border on his front path includes tall country lavender. [593][594], In 2016, Corbyn was the subject of a musical entitled Corbyn the Musical: The Motorcycle Diaries, written by journalists Rupert Myers and Bobby Friedman. 1.4M subscribers in the unitedkingdom community. [38] Corbyn began a course in Trade Union Studies at North London Polytechnic but left after a year without a degree after a series of arguments with his tutors over the curriculum. [532], In 2021 Corbyn was a guest at the Cambridge Union. [97] Adams cancelled the event, to save further embarrassment to Corbyn and to avoid negative publicity. [403] In May 2012, Corbyn authored a piece in the Morning Star titled "High time for an end to NATO" where he described the organisation as an "instrument of cold war manipulation", saying that "The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, with the ending of the Warsaw Pact mutual defence strategy, was the obvious time for NATO to have been disbanded. His attacker was sentenced to 28 days in jail. [490][491][492][493] The remarks were criticised for appearing to perpetuate the antisemitic canard that Jews fail or refuse to integrate into wider society. Corbyn sits in the House of Commons as an independent, having had . 'You can be exploited' -- Former Miss World Rosanna Davison admits she 'wouldn't like' her daughter to model. [341] Robert Skidelsky offered a qualified endorsement of Corbyn's proposals to carry out QE through a National Investment Bank. Someone on a perfectly ordinary salary 20 or 30 years ago may have been able to buy here, and now, through escalating land values, may find themselves sitting on a property thats valuable, but that doesnt mean to say that their political views have changed., Thornberry says that Jeremy was always generous, kind and terribly supportive when she was selected for Islington South in 2005. Corbyn was born on 26 May 1949[11][12] in Chippenham, Wiltshire, and lived until the age of seven in the nearby village of Kington St Michael. Jeremy Corbyn Getty Images When Naomi died, aged 72, in 1987, she left an estate of 236,333, which, at that time, was a very considerable sum. This included a Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister (JC4PM) tour by celebrities such as Charlotte Church, Jeremy Hardy, and Maxine Peake; a Corbyn superhero comic book; mash-ups and videos. [343] His second leadership campaign saw him promise 500 billion in additional public spending, though he did not detail how he would fund it. Corbyn decided to stand as a candidate, having been disillusioned by the lack of a left-wing voice, and said to his local newspaper, The Islington Tribune, that he would have a "clear anti-austerity platform". Given Corbyn's upbringing, you could argue that his interest in politics was less an expression of rebellion than one of conformity with his parents. Rafael Correa said that he "welcome[d] the creation" of the project. Jeremy Paxman was rushed to hospital twice in two days. Asked about an Islamist attack in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, in which a number of Egyptian soldiers had been killed, he stated: [a] "I'm very concerned about it [the violence], and you have to look at the big picture. BBC News online political reporter Jeremy Corbyn joined Labour 55 years ago as a teenager and led the party into the last general election. On the same day, 27 June, Corbyn announced changes to his Shadow Cabinet, moving Emily Thornberry (to Shadow Foreign Secretary), Diane Abbott (to Shadow Health Secretary), and appointing Pat Glass, Andy McDonald, Clive Lewis, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Kate Osamor, Rachael Maskell, Cat Smith and Dave Anderson to his Shadow Cabinet. [218] He said his party should support the government's move in the parliamentary vote. criticised the media for "anti-Corbyn bias" in its coverage of the anti-Semitism debate which they said had been "weaponised" against Corbyn ahead of important elections. ", "Labour Party receives more than 183,000 membership applications in 48 hours", "Labour signs up more than 180,000 supporters to vote in leadership contest", "Jeremy Corbyn fights off court challenge over Labour leadership ballot", "Labour leadership: Owen Smith to enter contest", "Labour leadership election: Angela Eagle pulls out of contest to allow Owen Smith straight run at Jeremy Corbyn", "Two in three say Labour should change leader before next General Election", "Jeremy Corbyn has more than double the support of Owen Smith, poll shows", "Female Labour MPs call on Jeremy Corbyn to act over 'escalating abuse', "Corbyn: leadership team is stopping online abuse of opponents", "Corbyn joins seatless commuters on floor for three-hour train journey", "A timeline revealing exactly what happened in Jeremy Corbyn's 'traingate' row", "Angry Jeremy Corbyn reminds Branson of rail nationalisation plans", "Jeremy Corbyn is not unpopular but he is divisive", "Jeremy Corbyn is 'out of touch' and an 'election loser' among working class voters, poll finds", "It'll take a general election for Labour to face up to its crisis", "Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn wins convincing victory over Owen Smith", "Jeremy Corbyn's full leadership acceptance speech", "Two Labour whips defy Jeremy Corbyn on article 50 vote", "Labour MP Jo Stevens quits shadow cabinet over article 50 vote", "Which Labour MPs rebelled and voted against Brexit Bill? [427][428][429] The bombardment had been condemned by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and US President Ronald Reagan, as well as the UN Security Council. He has advocated for the rights of the forcibly removed Chagossians to return to the British Indian Ocean Territory. [186] Several union leaders (from GMB, UCATT, the CWU, the TSSA, ASLEF, the FBU, the BFWAU and the NUM) issued a joint statement saying that Corbyn was "the democratically-elected leader of Labour and his position should not be challenged except through the proper democratic procedures provided for in the party's constitution" and that a leadership election would be an "unnecessary distraction". One of the complaints had been against Corbyn personally, regarding his response to the removal of the mural. [248], A poll by Election Data in February 2017 found that 50% of Labour voters wanted Corbyn to stand down by the next election, while 44% wanted him to stay. After Labour MPs sought to remove him in 2016, he won a second leadership contest. [487][488] In 2020, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) revealed that an antisemitism complaint had been made against Corbyn in April 2018 over his defence of the mural, and members of Corbyn's office "directly interfered in the decision not to investigate the case, an example of political interference the EHRC concluded was "unlawful". His father, David, was an electrical engineer, and Naomi studied science at London University in the Thirties, when women made up only 27 per cent of students. [398] In July 2016, the Chilcot Report of the Iraq Inquiry was issued, criticising Blair for joining the United States in the war against Iraq. [233] It included 10,000 emails and thousands of private WhatsApp communications between former senior party officials. He is a supporter of the Unite Against Fascism pressure group. Very good manners, says Caroline Russell, Green Party councillor in Corbyns ward. Analyses of domestic media coverage of Corbyn have found it to be critical or antagonistic. "[158] Amid widespread reports of division in the Parliamentary Labour Party, Corbyn insisted that the final decision on whether the Labour Party would oppose air strikes rested with him. [62] In February 2017, the Morning Star said of Corbyn: "He has been bullied, betrayed and ridiculed, and yet he carries on with the same grace and care he always shows to others however objectionable their behaviour and treatment of him might be. [564] Following a difference of opinion about sending their son to a grammar school (Corbyn opposes selective education) they divorced in 1999 after two years of separation, although Corbyn said in June 2015 that he continues to "get on very well" with her. [240], In May 2020, the Labour Party National Executive Committee (NEC) appointed barrister Martin Forde to chair an investigation into the leaked report on antisemitism. [42] After boundary changes in 1978 he was re-elected in Harringay ward as councillor, remaining so until 1983. [22][13][23] Corbyn attended Castle House School, an independent preparatory school near Newport, Shropshire, before, at the age of 11, becoming a day student at the Adams Grammar School in the town. The Labour leader's spouse who keeps a low profile", "Jeremy Corbyn profile: 'He talks like a human being, about things that are real', "Hard left candidate's wife sells coffee for 10 but the farmers get just 93p", "Corbyn surge raises hopes that Mexico might soon have a friend in No 10", "Who is Jeremy Corbyn's wife? Former Labour MP Chris Mullin deprecates the way Labour's current leader has treated his predecessor I was not a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership. [251] An opinion poll published on 22 May suggested that the position had been reversed, with Labour now polling 44% in Wales and the Conservatives 34%. Jeremy Corbyn hires his friend's 27-year-old daughter as his 40,000-a-year 'political adviser' Laura Murray, daughter of Unite the union chief of staff, is new political adviser to the. He said the UK government should not be "held back, inside or outside the EU, from taking the steps we need to support cutting edge industries and local business". In Corbyn's submission to the Forde inquiry, submitted jointly with eight other colleagues, he was reported to have accused officials of sabotage and said their diversion of funds could constitute fraud. "[191][192], On 12 July 2016, following a dispute as to whether the elected leader would need nominations in an election as a "challenger" to their own leadership, Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC) resolved that Corbyn, as the incumbent leader, had an automatic right to be on the ballot,[193] and also decided that members needed to have been a member for more than six months to be eligible to vote, meaning that many members who had joined recently would not be able to vote. [550][551], In May 2017, Loughborough University's Centre for Research in Communication and Culture concluded that the media was attacking Jeremy Corbyn far more than Theresa May during nine election campaign weekdays examined. [110], Corbyn appeared on a call-in show on Press TV, an Iranian government television channel, several times between 2009 and 2012. [277], A video of soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment, stationed in Afghanistan using an image of Corbyn for target practice was posted on social media in April 2019. [242] In July 2022, the Forde Report concluded that while the leader's office and party staff were trying to win in different ways, it was "highly unlikely" this cost Labour the 2017 election (see Publication of Forde Report). [399] Corbyn specifically apologised to "the people of Iraq"; to the families of British soldiers who died in Iraq or returned injured; and to "the millions of British citizens who feel our democracy was traduced and undermined by the way in which the decision to go to war was taken on. [217], Corbyn said he welcomed Prime Minister Theresa May's proposal to seek an early general election in 2017. [546] On 26 November, Corbyn's lawyers lodged a pre-action disclosure application to the High Court as a prelude to taking legal action against the Labour Party for suspending the whip. The NEC's decision was that "registered supporters" would be entitled to vote if they paid a one off fee of 25. Momentum said the video was a consequence of the "radicalising effect the rightwing press". [394] Opposing violence and war has been "the whole purpose of his life". [444], Corbyn has called for the lifting of the sanctions on Iran as part of a negotiated full settlement of issues concerning the Iranian nuclear programme, and the starting of a political process to decommission Israel's nuclear arsenal. Orwell was no fool, its not just Nineteen Eighty-four or even Animal Farm in which hes commenting on the boys at club level who take too much control for themselves and preach this idea that they are going to deliver the medicine that is required in society., Originally published in July 2016 issue of Tatler, It takes a certain kind of confidence and a certain kind of privilege to find swagger in a shellsuit, but that is just what Jeremy Jelly Corbyn does. On the political left of the Labour Party, Corbyn describes himself as a socialist. [538], Trade union officials such as Len McCluskey and Dave Ward, wrestler Sami Zayn as well as politicians Claudia Webbe, Laura Pidcock, Ken Livingstone, Pablo Iglesias Turrin, Rafael Correa, Jill Stein, Diane Abbott, John McDonnell, Salma Yaqoob, Kate Osborne, Mercedes Villalba, Mary Foy, Nadia Whittome, Apsana Begum, Liam Byrne, Zarah Sultana and Richard Burgon called for the suspension to be revoked. [299], On 4 April 2020, the results of the 2020 Labour Party leadership election were announced, with Sir Keir Starmer winning the election and succeeding Corbyn as the leader of the Labour Party. [207], The psephologist John Curtice wrote just before Corbyn's second leadership win: "There is evidently a section of the British public, to be found particularly among younger voters, for whom the Labour leader does have an appeal; it just does not look like a section that is big enough, on its own at least, to enable Labour to win a general election". He condemns support for Palestinians being used as a mask for anti-Semitism and attempts to silence legitimate criticism of Israel by wrongly conflating it with anti-Semitism. Bseiso is also linked to the massacre. [367] Corbyn also opposed the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty in 1993,[368] opposed the Lisbon Treaty in 2008,[369] and backed a proposed referendum on British withdrawal from the EU in 2011. [460][461] Internal Labour party critics of Corbyn accused him of glossing over Castro's human rights abuses. [25] He joined the Labour Party at the age of 16[17] and achieved two A-Levels, at grade E, the lowest-possible passing grade, before leaving school at 18. Officials said their targeting was due to fears Labour would lose seats, based on its poor polling position at the start of the campaign, and that three of the seats supported by BMS were less than 500 votes away from being lost to the Conservatives. "[78], In 2017, Corbyn said that he had "never met the IRA", although Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott later clarified that although he had met members of the IRA, "he met with them in their capacity as activists in Sinn Fein". [420] In 2012 and again in 2017, Corbyn called for an investigation into Israeli influence in British politics. He expressed outrage particularly at the reports of the depopulation of Tamil areas of Eastern Sri Lanka and the relocation of Tamils, stating that denying Tamils the right to return home was in contravention of international law, as well as reports of systematic sexual violence. [78], During the 1980s, he campaigned on behalf of the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six, who were wrongly convicted of responsibility for IRA bombings in England in the mid-70s. You wouldn't expect him to be anything else [but angry] if someone attacked his mother, tuts Thornberry. [541] A YouGov poll found that 58% of respondents, including 41% of those who had voted Labour in 2019 under Corbyn's leadership, thought it was right to suspend him, with 13% (and 26% of Labour voters) disagreeing while 29% did not know. [301] After Boris Johnson became Prime Minister in July 2019, he gained double-digit leads over Corbyn on the "Best PM" question,[302] although Corbyn was seen to be "more in touch" with ordinary people than Johnson. Nonetheless, Jeremys less well-off childhood friends remember him as the boy who lived in the big house and went to a posh school with a posh uniform. . [373] He also believed that Britain should play a crucial role in Europe by making demands about working arrangements across the continent, the levels of corporation taxation and in forming an agreement on environmental regulation. "[450], Corbyn called for the suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia after dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. [246], Opinion polls during the first few months of his leadership gave Corbyn lower personal approval ratings than any previous Labour leader in the early stages of their leadership amongst the general public. Monday July 31 2017, 12.01am BST, The Times. [515] A September 2018 poll carried out by polling firm Survation, on behalf of the Jewish Chronicle, found that 86% of British Jews and 39% of the British public believed Corbyn to be anti-Semitic. [81] In 1984, Corbyn and Ken Livingstone invited Adams, two convicted IRA volunteers and other members of Sinn Fin to Westminster. ", "Shropshire-educated Jeremy Corbyn joins Labour leadership race", "Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn reveals that he has been a geography teacher", "Jeremy Corbyn's Mystery Life in Jamaica Updated", "Jeremy Corbyn's foreign causes: a blessing or a curse? Laura Alvarez is a 49-year-old ex-banker married to hard-left socialist Jeremy Corbyn. "[455], Corbyn is a longtime supporter of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, which campaigns against the US embargo against Cuba and supports the Cuban Revolution. [77], A longstanding supporter of a united Ireland, in the 1980s Corbyn met Sinn Fin leader Gerry Adams a number of times. "[352], Corbyn would prefer Britain to become a republic, but has said that, given the Royal Family's popularity, "it's not a battle that I am fighting". For the United Kingdom of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and Northern Ireland; News Thank God Jeremy Corbyn isn't in charge As Russia invades Ukraine and challenges Nato, we are reminded why Corbyn's worldview is so dangerous Tom Harris 22 February 2022 1:22pm There's an. [10], In September 2015 an unnamed senior serving general in the British Army stated that a mutiny by the Army could occur if a future Corbyn government moved to scrap Trident, pull out of Nato or reduce the size of the armed forces. [407][118] Subsequently, he criticized the British government and other Western countries for supplying arms to Ukraine. [513] In November 2019, John Bercow, the Jewish former Speaker of the House of Commons and Conservative MP, said that he had known Corbyn for 22 years, did not believe he was antisemitic and had never experienced antisemitism from a Labour Party member. Islington has always been somewhere where people who want a more equal society have gone to live. He didnt complete the course, but he readily took up his mothers support of the underdog, sharing platforms with groups with paramilitary wings such as Sinn Fin and Hezbollah, like fellow lefties John McDonnell, who once praised the bravery of the IRA, and George Galloway, who appeared on Al-Manar, a television station affiliated with Hezbollah. [311] Corbyn believes his dismissal was unfair and has threatened legal action. [318] The statement's authors also said that they "refute [sic] the idea that NATO is a defensive alliance". [575][576] lvarez has described Corbyn as "not very good at house work but he is a good politician". He said the "root of the crisis" lay in "the US drive to expand eastwards" and described Russia's actions as "not unprovoked". [118], When interviewed by The Huffington Post in December 2015, Corbyn refused to reveal his religious beliefs and called them a "private thing", but denied that he was an atheist. [514] UK academics ", "Anglo-Irish Agreement HC Deb 27 November 1985 vol 87 cc884-973", "House of Commons Hansard Debates for 31 Jul 1998 (pt 6)", "Who is Jeremy Corbyn? [280], In 2019, Corbyn refused an invitation to attend a state banquet for Donald Trump, hosted by Queen Elizabeth II during the president's June visit to the UK. She lived through the political convulsions in the middle classes in the Thirties. Instead of going to university, Jeremy signed up with Voluntary Service Overseas later the gap-year choice of Sloanes and went to Jamaica, which was then just emerging from its colonial past. As Johnson resigns as Conservative leader, we revisit Tatlers interview with the Prime Ministers late mother, Charlotte Johnson: family matriarch, creative genius, generous spirit and a source of boundless strength and love to her four children Boris, Rachel, Leo and Jo. He has since been promoted from researcher to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell's Chief of Staff (who has been Jeremy's aide for the past 40-years). Tatler Archive: Boris Johnsons mother on her soft-hearted son. When voters were asked who they thought would be the best prime minister Corbyn or Theresa May among Labour supporters 48% said Corbyn and 22% May, among all UK voters 52% chose May and just 16% were for Corbyn. "[91], In the early 1990s, MI5 opened a file on Corbyn to monitor his links to the IRA. Corbyn warned against "external intervention" in Syria but told delegates that Labour would "consider the proposals the Government brings forward". No room for left wing in Starmer's Labour Socialist Worker 10:43 21-Feb-23. (Corbyn's parents changed 'Manor' to 'House' to downgrade its grandness, a move reversed by the current owner, a retired solicitor.). In a speech in London, Corbyn said: "We, the Labour Party, are overwhelmingly for staying in, because we believe the European Union has brought investment, jobs and protection for workers, consumers and the environment." Recently, there were rabbits bouncing across the lawn, a cockerel strutting under the copper beech, magnolia and wisteria in bloom. On warfare by Turkey against the Kurds, Corbyn stated, "If arms are being used to oppress people internally in violation of international law then they simply should not be supplied to them. [90], He voted against the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement, saying "We believe that the agreement strengthens rather than weakens the border between the six and the 26 counties, and those of us who wish to see a United Ireland oppose the agreement for that reason. Sam Coates. Botmeh and Alami had admitted possessing explosives and guns but denied they were for use in Britain. [481][482], Corbyn has been criticized for his association with cleric Raed Salah, who was arrested in 2011 due to a deportation order a day before he was due to attend a meeting with MPs including Corbyn. [112], In the 2010 Labour Party leadership election, Corbyn supported Diane Abbott in the first round in which she was eliminated; thereafter, he supported Ed Miliband. Jeremy Corbyn met third wife Laura Alvarez while helping with search for her abducted niece Jeremy Corbyn been married three times. [320], The Forde Report, written by lawyer Martin Forde in response to the dossier that was leaked in April 2020 (The work of the Labour Party's Governance and Legal Unit in relation to antisemitism, 20142019), was released on 19 July 2022, stating that: "[R]ather than confront the paramount need to deal with the profoundly serious issue of anti-Semitism in the party, both factions treated it as a factional weapon. [250], Polling by the end of the first week of campaigning during the 2017 general election was suggesting a defeat for Labour with the parliamentary party much reduced and a landslide victory for the Conservatives with a majority of perhaps 150 MPs. [453][454] Corbyn said he would respect a UN vote calling on the UK to decolonise the Chagos Archipelago and return Chagos to Mauritius. [578] He compared his concerns about the environment to a sort of "spiritualism". In his acceptance speech, Corbyn called on the "Labour family" to end their divisions and to "wipe that slate clean from today and get on with the work we've got to do as a party". [239] Stephen Bush wrote in the New Statesman that the "report's summary writes a cheque that its findings cannot cash". On 15 February 2023, Labour leader Keir Starmer said that Corbyn would not be a candidate for the party at the next election. ), Corbyn cannot abide swearing either 'he doesn't even say bloody' and a newspaper apologised for misquoting him as having said 'Fuck the rich' at a 1997 rally, when actually he'd said, 'Tax the rich'. [267][268] Following an exodus of Remain voters from Labour at the 2019 Europeans Parliament elections, Corbyn said he was "listening very carefully" after key members of his Shadow Cabinet including John McDonnell said publicly Labour should back a second referendum under any circumstances. Birchwood Community High School 11 "" [10] Taking the party to the left, he advocated renationalising public utilities and railways, a less interventionist military policy, and reversals of austerity cuts to welfare and public services. Now we regret it", "Half of the Labour MPs who backed Jeremy Corbyn desert to rival candidates", "Jeremy Corbyn Voted Against Welfare Bill Because It Was 'Rotten And Indefensible', "Iain Duncan Smith 'should resign over disability benefit death figures', says Jeremy Corbyn", "Reporting on 'fit for work' deaths isn't fit for purpose", "Corbynmania rocks the crowd at Glastonbury festival", "Sounding the death knell for Corbynmania", "Labour leadership: Huge increase in party's electorate", "Jeremy Corbyn won a landslide with full Labour party members, not just 3 supporters", "Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn elected with huge mandate", "Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership contest", "The epic challenges facing Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader", "Anti-Corbyn Labour officials worked to lose general election to oust leader, leaked dossier finds", "Corbyn plays all the old favourites in Bristol but no one's dancing", "Corbynmania isn't dangerous there's irony in those chants", "Corbyn plays the patriotic card but gets a red one", "Will Jeremy Corbyn kneel to The Queen at Privy Council ceremony? "Oh Jeremy Corbyn! And, indeed, now at 70, Corbyn is a year older than Harman. [13] He is the youngest of the four sons of Naomi Loveday (ne Josling; 19151987), a maths teacher, and David Benjamin Corbyn (19151986), an electrical engineer and expert in power rectifiers. Jeremy met Claudia, granddaughter of famous diplomat Ricardo Bracchitta, in 1987. Sprawling home where JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered in 1996 is listed for sale for $7 MILLION by current owner - daughter of 'Hour of Power' televangelist . [502][503], Defenders, including Jewish Voice for Labour, have cited his record of opposing and campaigning against racism and antisemitism,[504][505][506][507][508] and supporting Jewish communal initiatives. The general staff would not allow a prime minister to jeopardise the security of this country and I think people would use whatever means possible, fair or foul to prevent that. [530][needs update], Former Corbyn advisor Andrew Murray suggested Corbyn may have struggled to empathise with the Jewish community during his leadership, stating: "He is very empathetic, Jeremy, but he's empathetic with the poor, the disadvantaged, the migrant, the marginalised. [121][122] Several who nominated Corbyn later said they had ensured he had enough votes to stand, more to widen the political debate within the party than because of a desire or expectation that he would win. After refusing police requests to move from outside the court, Corbyn and the other protesters were arrested for obstruction and held for five hours before being released on bail, but were not charged. Corbyn defended his comments in a TV interview later that day; shortly after it aired, the Labour Party announced that it had suspended Corbyn pending an investigation. "[88][89] Corbyn has said that he had attended the event and a minute of silence to "call for a peace and dialogue process". In January 2016, after a United Nations panel ruled Saudi-led bombing campaign of Yemen contravened international humanitarian law, Corbyn called for an independent inquiry into the UK's arms exports policy to Saudi Arabia. [24], Around this time, he became involved with the London Labour Briefing, where he was a contributor. Corbyn has three sons whom he shares with Claudia. [303] Labour fell behind the Tories, partly because it lost some of its pro-Remain support to the Liberal Democrats.
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